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Civil Engineering

Khato Civils is a civil engineering company and we have the expertise and capacity to provide clients with all the necessary services needed to prepare a site before actual construction. Our demolition and excavation division uses heavy equipment to perform earth moving and land improvement projects. We are equipped to do site grading, ditching, drainage, […]

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Trenching Khato Civils (Pty) Limited owns almost ten of Tesmec’s largest chainsaw trenchers and we are in the process of procuring more trenchers for projects we are working on as well as future projects. These are high-productivity machines for large diameter pipelines and utilities in ground and even hard rock. Our trenching machines offer us […]

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Conditions survey

We have qualified personnel who will assist the consulting engineers and clients to survey the conditions of the site and recommend measures which must be taken into consideration before actual construction. This service is intended to assist clients avoid complicated pitfalls which have the potential of delaying the project and causing financial losses for the […]

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M3 Construction Projects (Pty) Limited is Khato Civils (Pty) Limited’s strategic partner for building bridges. Please follow the link below to visit their website for more information. M3 Construction Projects (Pty) Ltd.

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Construction and Engineering

Khato Civils is a Construction and Engineering company with a CIDB rating of 9GB 9CE which has been achieved through delivery of major projects built by an experienced professional team that adheres to the highest building standards. The complexity of the modern building process demands qualified professionals with special abilities to analyse, clearly identify challenges […]

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Concrete Speciality

Khato Civils has extensive experience in specialised placing of structural concrete for intricate and sophisticated designs. This is a key aspect in the successful construction of any major structure of which concrete is a crucial design element. In many major projects where concrete is the major structural element, safety and quality are paramount for the […]

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Roads Infrastructure

Khato Civils continues its success by offering an unparalleled level of diversity and experience in Construction and Maintenance of Road Infrastructure. As level 9 Construction Company we have the capacity and skills to undertake any road construction or repair project. We have excellent expertise in; Structural & Geometric Road Design Road & Highway Construction Surface […]

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Pothole patching & maintenance

Most local authorities have to deal with continuous maintenance and fixing of potholes. Its an exercise that can get costly and time consuming if the procedure and process is not done by experienced contractors.  Khato Civils has invested huge sums funding on new technology and equipment specifically designed for patching and repairing potholes in an […]

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Road markings & signage

Road surface marking and upright road signals are critical in conveying official information and guidance.  Uniformity of the markings is an important factor in minimizing confusion and uncertainty about their meaning. We provide road marking and road sign installations services. We are continually engaging with national and local authorities to ensure that we are up […]

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Pipe Jacking

Pipe jacking is a specialist tunneling method for installing underground pipelines with the minimum surface disruption. Primarily used for new sewer construction it is also used for sewer replacement and relining, water mains and pipelines installations

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Renovations & re-modelling

Khato Civils understands the complexities that accompany the renovation or re-modelling of major infra-structure. Our team of professionals has the necessary skills to guide and assist clients on any major renovating requiring services of a general contractor. This also extends to any maintenance works that may be required.

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Program management

At Khato Civils we aim to create a direct and partnership relationship with the client in the development of their project to fully understand the scope of the project beyond the construction phase. This type of project delivery method generally results in more expeditious schedules, lower costs of design and construction, and less contractor-initiated change […]

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