Hammanskraal Ext. 10
Installation of internal Water and Sewer Reticulation on 2767 Stands and Construction of Bulk Water and Sewer Services in Hammanskraal Extension 10
Overview of the Works
The Works consist of the installation of a DN800 welded steel bulk water pipeline approximately 5,25km long including cathodic protection, and a 600mm diameter class 75D Spigot and Socket Concrete Pipe with sacrificial layer Outfall Sewer, approximately 3.41km long with 45 Manholes to serve Hammanskraal Extension 10. Also included is the installation of different water and sewer reticulation pipelines and toilet structures for approximately 2767 stands in Hammanskraal West extension 10 to meet the demands of residents.
Detailed Descriptions
Bulk Water Pipeline
Bulk water delivery pipeline from the Hammanskraal West Reservoir to the water reticulation of Hammanskraal Ext 10. It will also serve several other future developments (Hammanskraal West Ext 10, Inderminne, Temba CBD) Excavation, laying, butt-welding and backfilling of 800mm diameter steel pipes over a distance of 5,25km, with various Ancillary items.

Outfall Sewer Mainline
Outfall sewer connecting the reticulation of Ext 10, as well as other future developments, with an existing 1200 dia. Outfall sewer to the Temba Waste Water Treatment Works. Excavation, laying and backfilling of 600mm diameter class 75D Spigot and Socket Concrete Pipe with Sacrificial layer over a distance of 3,41km. Construction of 45 Manholes for the new sewer outfall. This work will also include three road crossings by means of Pipe Jacking.

Water Reticulation
Water reticulation for 2 767 Stands including house connections, meters and meter chambers, standpipes, fire hydrants and isolating valves. Excavation, laying and backfilling of water pipes for new reticulation systems.

Sewer Reticulation
Sewer reticulation for 2 767 Stands including manholes, lampholes and house connections. Excavation, laying and backfilling of sewer pipes for new reticulation.

Toilet Structures
Construction of 2 767 Top Structures and the Installation of toilets and appurtenant fittings.

Contract Participation Goal Implementation Plan for Local Content

Items deemed suitable for construction using labour intensive construction methods will be applied in the Contract to reach the target set by the City of Tshwane Municipality. The Employer (CoT) further objective is to optimise labour opportunities to construct the works. There are also items deemed suitable for construction, using Local Emerging Contractors. They are also included in the Contract.