Hammanskraal Bulk Sewer Pipeline Phase 1
Khato Civils was appointed by the Department of Local Government & Housing to construct a new Bulk Sewer Pipe Line. The Construction of this bulk sewer line is intended to complement the existing sewer lines but mainly to service the new Western Phases of Hammanskraal. These phases include Hammanskraal Extension 2 to Extension 4. Khato Civils is also engaged on another project by the department to construct a sewer outfall for Hammanskraal Extension 2
The 5 km pipeline starts on the boundary of Hammanskraal Extension 2 and discharges into the municipality’s wastewater treatment works at Temba Babalegi. The pipeline has been designed to handle a peak flow rate of more than 600 litres per second, the diameter of the pipeline varies from 50 cm to almost 1.5 meters. The trenches will be dug to a depth of 4 metres which will require careful engineering ingenuity and strategically designed manhole tructures. The pipeline trench excavation will take place in accordance with specifications as per SABS 1200 whilst the pipes were protected with suitable gabions/rheno mattress elements .
Hammanskraal Water & Sewer Reticulation

Khato Civils were appointed in September 2012 by the Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality to construct a water and sewer reticulation system for residents of Hammanskraal Extension 2 for 2903 households. The project will be implemented through 3 phases. The project is envisaged to run until 2014. Khato Civils has started work on the first phase which will be completed by end of March 2013.

Water & Sewer Reticulation in Lawley Ext 3

In 2011 Khato Civils was engaged by the Department of Local Government and Housing to connect 1713 low cost houses in Lawley Extension 3 to a water and sewer reticulation network. This project named phase 1, is part of a broader plan by the department to provide residents of Lawley with decent and permanent accommodation as well as access to basic services of water and sanitation system. Phase 2 of the project involved 1017 stands which Khato Civils completed in record time of 8 months.

Construction of the network commenced in March 2011. All the works were completed in November 2012 and the completed project officially handed to the Department on behalf of the beneficiaries. As part of the housing development by the Department in the area, Khato Civils was engaged to also implement the reticulation network to ensure that all the houses in the planning area have access to clean running water and sewer system. Khato Civils was working in conjunction with Bagale Consulting who were tasked to ensure that the construction programme was adhered to as well as to ensure that the water and sewer reticulation was constructed to the highest standard.