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Service Description

Most local authorities have to deal with continuous maintenance and fixing of potholes. Its an exercise that can get costly and time consuming if the procedure and process is not done by experienced contractors.  Khato Civils has invested huge sums funding on new technology and equipment specifically designed for patching and repairing potholes in an efficient and cost effective manner. We have also acquired the right skills to operate and drive this process thereby being in an excellent position to provide our clients with exceptional value for their expenditure.

Road Surface Dressing

Khato Civils are equipped and have the capacity to carry out all kinds of road surfacing requirements for new roads or existing roads. We are tuned to offer our clients a variety of options with regard to road surfacing together with cost estimates for labour, supply of materials as well as the right equipment to use.

Asphalt & Concrete Paving

Different types of asphalt concrete have different performance characteristics in terms of surface durability, tire wear, braking efficiency and roadway noise. In principle, the determination of appropriate asphalt performance characteristics must take into account how the space will be used. Khato Civils provides asphalt and concrete paving services for construction of parking bays, roads and airport runways. Asphalt concrete generates less roadway noise than most cement based concrete surfacing.

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