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Khato Civils is a Construction and Engineering company with a CIDB rating of 9GB 9CE which has been achieved through delivery of major projects built by an experienced professional team that adheres to the highest building standards.

The complexity of the modern building process demands qualified professionals with special abilities to analyse, clearly identify challenges and provide solutions as the project develops. Khato Civils has the capacity to build:

  • Major Road Infrastructure
  • Bulk Sewer Lines and Water Reticulation Systems
  • Large Scale Residential and Commercial Developments
  • Bridges, Waste Water Treatment Plants and Dams
  • Major Pipelines
  • High Rise and Multi Storey Buildings
  • Concrete Specialty

In line with our vision to increase our market share in the infrastructure development industry, we have developed our capacity and competencies in the fields of mechanical and electrical installations.  This development has now been recognised by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIBD). In addition to PE 9GB and 9CE, the CIDB has now awarded us the following grades, PE 9ME,9EP and 1EB. These gradings reflect Khato Civils’ competencies and assure our clientele of our commitment to quality and growth.

Khato Civils (Pty) Ltd. - African renaissance project

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