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Pipe jacking
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Pipe jacking is a specialist tunneling method for installing underground pipelines with the minimum surface disruption. Primarily used for new sewer construction it is also used for sewer replacement and relining, water mains and pipelines installations.
Hammanskraal, Bulk 3, Pipe Jacking, 148.840 m, 2015

Construction conditions are extremely difficult as this new line runs alongside the Hammanskraal dam which results in unstable soil conditions and continuous seepage of ground water through the soil into the excavations.

The construction process had to be altered to allow for continuous water pumping and the import of stable material for construction.

Hard rock in trench excavations was encountered all along the pipeline.

A portion of the pipeline needed to be constructed that crossed underneath a dam wall close to a main Eskom Power line by means of Pipe Jacking.

The Pipe Jacking is 149m Long and 5.9 meters deep, and it allows the pipe line to cross these obstacles undisturbed.

Some pictures of the work involved in this project

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  1. Hi I’m happy about your job guys. You are helping people to get water every where to get water near their homes. Like that project you are doing at Limpopo giyani is a good project well done go on

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