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Occupational Health

Zero harm. It’s an idea that’s at the foundation of our approach to occupational health. We believe that none of our people should be injured or contract illness while at work. All of our efforts to help combat occupational health risks are guided by three principles;

  • We believe that all occupational illnesses are preventable
  • We learn by assessing and monitoring exposure and surveillance of occupational disease incidence in order to prevent harm
  • We apply common, simple & non-negotiable standards through Khato Civils.

Safe and well

  • People our business, we’ve no doubt about our first priority doing everything we can keep our employees safe and well with us. There’s no easy answer, but by leading with safety and investing in health and wellbeing, we’ve getting ever closer to our goal of Zero harm
  • Construction will always carry risk, but we’ve working towards a future where that never means serious injury or loss of life.


We recognise the value and scarcity of our country’s natural resources, especially water. We are mindful of the impact of our neighbours, and what we leave behind when our operations close.

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