Corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Impacting communities in which projects are implemented is deeply rooted in Khato Civils’ corporate culture. Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is characterised by actively participating in improving lives. For the 100km pipeline in Botswana, a fully furnished 3 bedroomed house, with two additional outside rooms, was built for a needy family of 16, a library was electrified, in Leshibitse Village, and an eight basin hand washing station was built at Artesia primary, Botswana. Two COVID-19 isolation rooms were procured for  a clinic and a school in Rasesa village, fences were erected around eight kgotlanas in Artesia Village.

Progress to Legacy
Central to the Chairman, Mr Phiri’s vision for the company is to build a legacy; hence Khato Holding’s tagline “Progress to Legacy”. In Saldanha, Khato Civils, along with its JV partner on the project, paid off in excess of 30 university students’ historic debt; enabling them to continue with their studies. Middlepos primary, a school in a historically disadvantaged location has been selected to be the beneficiary school for the Saldanha project in 2019. Two mobile class rooms, Mobile store room, Photo Copy machine, Printer, Projector, sport kits for soccer, netball and rugby, science lab kit, and staffroom furniture have been procured and donated to the school.

Khato Civils’ generosity includes building houses for the less fortunate, providing furniture and renovating schools, Some of the CSI initiative undertaken by the business enterprise have included; the building of a R5 million worth wing at the previously dilapidated Kwamendo Police station in Mchinji Village – Malawi. Khato Civils also donated furniture, five motorcycles and a Ford Ranger to the police station. Another R5 million was spent to renovate an old clinic and to build houses for the medical staff. Still in Malawi, new houses with electricity and running water were built for 50 families and a borehole was drilled for a village. In Selebi Phikwe, Botswana, Khato Civils has built a class room block and toilets at Letsibogo Primary school.

CSI initiatives in Malawi
Khato Civils – A rising African giant in construction and design
With its headquarters in Johannesburg Khato Civils has extended its operations beyond the South African borders into countries including Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Namibia. The company’s long-term vision is to have 80% of its projects spread outside South Africa
into the rest of the African Continent. From small beginnings in 2006 with an estimated R100 million annual turnover Khato Civils has grown into a key role-player in the construction and
design industry with an estimated over R3 billion annual turn-over. Some of the key projects the company is involved in include the R5.5 billion Lake Malawi Water Supply Project – on its completion the project will supply 5 million litres of potable water drawn from Lake Malawi to the City of Lilongwe – changing the lives of the city’s over 2-million residents. There is also the R3 billion Giyani Water and Sanitation Revitalisation Project in Limpopo – where Khato Civils is in a joint-venture with South Zambezi.
Local labour
Khato Civils undertakes that whenever it is engaged to develop infrastructure it will where possible seek to provide training, development and employment to as many people from the recipient community as possible. The Contractor will not be permitted to use imported unskilled labour if such labour is available within the recipient community.

The Contractor shall advise the Ward Councillor, the Ward Committee or the Technical Committee of any reduction in locally employed labour, regardless of the reason. The wage payable will be determined by the applicable legislation or Bargaining Council agreement.

We have taken the social responsibility
of giving back to communities
Mandela Day at Ebenezer Care Centre
On the 18th of July 2014 Khato Civils like many organisations around the world celebrated Nelson Mandela Day by taking part in charitable activities, an initiative meant to inspire people to do good for the benefit of their societies. The United Nations declared July 18th Nelson Mandela International Day in November 2009, an initiative which was spearheaded by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. In 2014 Khato Civils decided to assist Ebenezer Care Centre as part of their community outreach program in celebration of Nelson Mandela day.

Ebenezer Care Centre is a non-profit organisation that is home to over 50 vulnerable children in our society. It relies on the help of Government and private Corporates to provide food, shelter and specialised help for these children.

Khato Civils donated groceries to Ebenezer Care Centre Home on Mandela Day. The ceremony commenced at 10 at the premises of this Organisation in Sweetwaters Township. The Staff together with Senior Management joined efforts to cook and share lunch with the children before presenting groceries and other parcels to the Management of the Home. Organisations such as Ebenezer Care Centre play a pivotal role in society as they provide a much needed help to the most vulnerable of our society. It is also encouraging that as a Company, Khato Civils recognises that we are surrounded by social challenges in communities that we operate in and have to play an active role to assist where we can. Activities such as these also give staff an opportunity to interact with members of the community and participating in an initiative that has a positive effect on others’ lives.

Hammanskraal team descends on
Kudube Primary School

Kudube primary school in Hammanskraal is home to almost 500 learners. Over the years the school has grown to accommodate the growing number of students in the area despite the limited resources at its disposal. Many of the learners in this school come from underprivileged homes and have to make due with little. In 2014, the employees of Khato Civils based in Hammanskraal and lead by their Project Manager Hein, undertook a decision to assist Kudube primary school as part of Mandela Day activities.

On completion of the litter picking, the team from Khato Civils used some of the company heavy plant machinery to clear the bushes and level the grounds of the school. This would allow the learners to have additional playing and exercising space. The open grounds would also be safe and perfect for sporting activities such as football. It was indeed a wonderful gesture from the employees of Khato Civils to assist the school and to show compassion for the less privileged.

Khato Civils Donates to Angie Mekgwe Education Foundation

South Africa, like many developing countries, faces an enormous challenge to provide housing and basic services to some of its citizens who were largely disenfranchised by the apartheid government. Corporates are expected to play an active role in contributing towards social development in many of our communities to move South Africa forward. Internally we have assisted many of our employees to further their studies and to grow within the ranks of the organisation.

In 2014, Khato Civils donated one hundred thousand Rands (R100, 000.00) to the Angie Mekgwe Foundation. The Angie Mekgwe Foundation gives well deserving and financially disadvantaged scholars bursaries. The cost of education in South Africa has risen sharply over the last few years making it extremely difficult for many students to access quality education. Institutions of higher learning are also unable to admit large numbers of students due to constraints in attaining resources and slow uptake in infrastructure development. These challenges are due to the lack of adequate finance and the rising cost of construction. As part of our broader social responsibility program and the need to plough back into communities that we operate in, Khato Civils believes the funds donated to the Angie Mekgwe foundation will go a long way in assisting those who need it the most.

Speaking at the Cheque Handover Ceremony, Mrs Lerato Masemola, the Human Resource Manager at Khato Civils informed those attending that, for Khato Civils to continue being a success, we need to adopt sustainable business practices that benefit people and society beyond the bottom line. Our approach has been that, above our desire to enhance Khato Civils external reputation, our CRS program must aim to build societies in which we do business and encourage employee engagement.

Our Mission as Khato Civils in the broader spectrum is to Make South Africa a more enjoyable place for all citizens by delivering equality in our own small way and to be an example in our industry by supporting organisations in our communities with whatever resources we can spare. Also speaking at the Handover Ceremony was the then CEO of Khato Civils Mrs Phiri, who emphasised that education is a pivotal instrument needed to channel the youth into meaningful careers, and to bring about positive social change within communities.

She highlighted that talented young people in South Africa deserve the opportunity to access the education and complete their studies without worrying how they can afford to pay school fees.

In conclusion, Khato Civils is proud to be associated with the Angie Mekgwe Foundation because of the tremendous work they continue to do in previously disadvantaged communities. We believe over the years we will continue to support the foundation and other NGO’s to improve the lives of our people.

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