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26 February 2018
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Simbi Phiri – a true African philanthropist

Khato Civils – A rising African giant in construction and design.

Simbi Phiri a true African philanthropist

Khato Civils is a black-owned African values driven design and construction company committed to contributing towards infrastructure development in the African continent.

With its headquarters in Johannesburg Khato Civils has extended its operations beyond the South African borders into countries including Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ghana and Namibia. The company’s long-term vision is to have 80% of its projects spread outside South Africa into the rest of the African Continent.

From small beginnings in 2006 with an estimated R100 million annual turnover Khato Civils has grown into a key role-player in the construction and design industry with an estimated over R3 billion annual turn-over.

Some of the key projects the company is involved in include the R5.5 billion Lake Malawi Water Supply Project – on its completion the project will supply 5 million litres of potable water drawn from Lake Malawi to the City of Lilongwe – changing the lives of the city’s over 2-million residents. There is also the R3 billion Giyani Water and Sanitation Revitalisation Project in Limpopo – where Khato Civils is in a joint-venture with South Zambezi. The company is also involved in the M1-Double Decker Bridge Rehabilitation project in Johannesburg.

Read the full article as published in Malawi Voice

2 responses on “Malawi

  1. Symon Kaisi says:

    Special thanks and respect to mr phiri for this and we malawias lets not take this for granted.

  2. Billy Austin M says:

    we are so lackfull that now malawi have this project that read to solve the water crisis that we are facing.i am giving thanks to mr Phiri for his desire to developind his home land Malawi

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